What is Lenzing™Ecovero™?

Lenzing™Ecovero™ is a soft and light sustainable material produced by the Austrian company, Lenzing AG™. It's made from resin, a natural renewable source.



LENZING™ grows trees and plants in sustainable, European, PEFC-certified forests

50% less emissions and 50% less water consumption than normal viscose

100% chlorine free

95% of production waste is reused and recycled



How is the content created?

The trees grow


The wood is crushed (pulped)

Threads are created

Woven in fabric


  1. Trees grow naturally in Austria, where Lenzing™ is based. They are a sustainable source of raw materials and reproduce by regeneration, meaning they reseed themselves.

  2. The entire production chain uses Edelweiss technology. This is a symbiotic process where the pulp is processed in the same place as the threads.

  3. When the tree has matured, the wood is chopped and the shavings are broken down into chips. Long threads are then created by forcing this crumb through spinning pumps with tiny holes, a bit like a shower head.

  4. Fluffy cellulose is then extracted from the wood pulp, dissolved on the spot and made into threads.

  5. They are then ready to be spun into soft, lightweight Ecovero™ fabric.


Why do we love Lenzing™Ecovero™?

For its sustainable production process, from the base to the fabric. Because of the silky texture it has and good breathability. And how durable it is!


The Lenzing™ Group is an international conglomerate headquartered in Lenzing, Austria. Using unique technology that conserves resources, they develop natural, renewable fibers for industry, brands and retailers, while protecting the natural environment.